Why is Forrest Gump so loved by many?
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Forrest Gump has recently had its 25th anniversary. It is considered by many to be one of the best movies. Today I will be diving deeper into this topic and talk about why it is loved by so much people.

First off, Forrest Gump is a story of success. It begins with Forrest, a disabled boy with a low IQ score, and ends with Forrest who is a successful man and a war veteran. There are a lot of events, both good and bad, that happen between the beginning and the end of the movie. When you think of it, that is actually a very interesting and amazing story, telling the life of a successful person who defied all rules and became extremely rich (today, his wealth would be around 4-5 billion dollars), despite his physical and mental disabilities.

Secondly, it shows the history of America. We see the country slowly evolve into the modern world as Forrest gets older. There are a lot of events that happen during Forrest's life, from JFK's assassination to the invention of the smiley face brand. There are just so many genius references that occur during the 2 hour long movie.
Forrest Gump invents the smiley face brand.
Forrest Gump is a very interesting movie because it makes you feel many different emotions while watching it. Sometimes you will be laughing and sometimes you will be crying. There are so many scenes which were obviously crafted by a genius. Scenes that inevitably make you cry and scenes that make you inevitably collapse onto the couch laughing.

The fourth thing is Forrest himself. He is a simple man that never gives up. If he begins doing something, then he continues doing it until he reaches perfection, as seen in the shrimp business and the ping pong tournament. He may be seen as a stupid person from the outside, but on the inside he is an amazing friend, a smart man and possibly even a role model.

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