Why I am glad that Roblox simulator games died out
And why were they bad?
Yet another post about Roblox!

Anyway, today we will talk about one of the most obnoxious things to ever appear on the Roblox front page: simulators. It all began with Weight Lifting Simulator, which was a very boring game about repeatedly clicking on the screen and brutally beating people up. Then other developers began making similar games about clicking on the screen. Then other people caught up: and it became a trend. A very annoying trend, to be exact!

People would make more and more "simulators", which were all unimaginably boring (at least for me, I guess). They would always involve you repeating the same process, earning some in-game currency while doing that, and then use that currency to buy things that make the process give you more money. Although that is a very smart thing to do in real life, it is not a very smart thing to implement in games… Mainly due to how repetitive it is. I still do not understand how people manage to play simulators for several hours STRAIGHT, I cannot even play one for 5 minutes.

I have already discussed what are simulators, now let's discuss what made them EVEN WORSE. Well, the fact that a lot of them are P2W! Simulators always have a lot of expensive gamepasses which either make you skip a grinding by straight up giving you a powerful item or money, or just give you some OP item that regular players do not have. This ruins PVP simulators, and make non-PVP simulators annoying to play when you the game repeatedly asks you to buy a void launcher for JUST 2000 ROBUX. Come on, man, that is so cheap!

There is also the thing where people create a copy of another simulator and then pretend that they made a groundbreaking scientific discovery, by posting it all over their social media, groups, chats, and on their Roblox accounts.

However, some simulators are not like what I just described above, some of them involve actual strategy and are fun to play. Bee Swarm Simulator (and no, I am not advertising the game) is actually a simulator in name only, otherwise it is actually very fun to play, and is not just the same process being repeated all over again. Sadly, however, these games are rare.

Over the past time, however, simulators have seemed to die down. Although there are still a few simulators on the front page, they are scarce and do not rack up the same amount of players as they did before. Well, one day, another similar, obnoxious trend will start. Although I do not want this to happen at all, it is very obvious that it will happen.


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