Why Elon Musk isn't who he pretends to be
I want to begin this by saying: no, I do not want to create a "We hate Elon Musk" community. I am just saying this because this came to my mind and I just could not prevent myself from sharing this with others.

I know that I am probably being Captain Obvious over here, but I do not think that Elon Musk actually jokes about being a neko ( just because he thinks it is funny. My point is, he does not. Why would he post that, then? Well, my short answer would be: gaining an audience. Long answer down below.

Remember when the US Military made a video of 2 guys in military clothing jumping around and singing ( I feel like Elon Musk is doing the same thing, except that he actually knows how to make young people become loyal fans. When he has an audience that likes him for not only being the person to bring us to Mars, but also being the person to joke about being a catgirl, he does not have to worry about smoking marijuana during an interview or making a slightly offensive joke. While that would usually instantly ruin a regular person's reputation, it did not happen to him. He just knows that he will get back up to his feet and continue his business. I have to admit, this is a genius thing to do.

Keep in mind that I am probably wrong and he actually just has such a sense of humor. Who knows? Does it really even matter? I personally think it does not, and you should not hate Elon for it: after all, he is going to bring us to Mars, mass produce environmentally friendly cars, and do many other things which will help both Earth and the creatures that live on it.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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