Why do people play difficult games?
There are a lot of people in the world who play very hard games. When you think about this, you would probably ask yourself: why would you punish yourself by playing a difficult game? Aren't games made to relax yourself and make yourself happy? Let's dig deeper into this topic.

There are a lot of reasons as to why people play difficult games, and I will cover some of them in this post.

Probably one of the biggest reasons is the triumph of victory. Winning something in a normal game isn't as satisfactory as winning something in a hard game. When playing a difficult game, you would most likely face plenty of failures before you can get to the end. The more failures you experience before finishing something, the more satisfying it is to finish it. We, humans, like the sense of achievement.

Another reason why people punish themselves by playing hard games is simple human nature. As I said, when playing a hard game you face plenty of failures and mistakes. The thing is, we learn from mistakes. They allow us to adapt to an environment and find out new things about something.

These are the two primary reasons why we play challenging games. However, the third and final thing that I am about to say isn't so obvious as the others.

We like to brag about things. Why wouldn't you tell your friends that you have achieved something that is so hard to do? We like to share our achievements with others as it makes us feel more confident and satisfied with our deeds. Face it, you like to brag to people too. It is not like it is a bad thing, it is what humans always do, and you should not feel bad about it.

As I said, there are some other reasons as to why people play difficult games, but the ones that I listed above are the primary ones. They all are part of human nature, and that is why they are the most common reasons for people to waste their time on hard games.
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