Why do I hate The Crew?
An amazing concept with an extremely poor execution.
I had gotten The Crew about a year ago because the concept of a large open-world map taking place in the entire United States sounded exciting. Despite the large amount of hate that the game got, I was still looking forward to buying it, no matter how expensive it was. Was I disappointed by the game? Yes. Why? I will explain down below.

The Crew is an open-world game where you travel to certain locations to complete missions that further progress the story, or just give you money so that you can buy new stuff. The world is massive and there are many things to explore. Major cities such as NYC or LA feel very real, despite their small sizes. I do not have too many complaints about driving as driving to another mission does not take too much time.
The map of The Crew is 1900 square miles. That is actually an even smaller size than Delaware, which is the second smallest state.
However, I have many complaints about the races. The AI can catch up to you no matter how fast you are going, making the missions incredibly frustrating. The worst missions are the ones where you are supposed to destroy crates. There are crates scattered all around a certain area, and you are supposed to drive around and run them over. You have to destroy a large amount of crates in a short time period to win. I found the first couple of these missions relatively easy, although at one point I was completely stuck due to how imbalanced the mission was.

The story is weird, especially for a game like this. It involves you being falsely convicted of the murder of your brother, who was the founder of a motor club called 5-10. After spending a few years in prison, an FBI agent named Zoe lets you out so that you could arrest a corrupt agent and finding out the truth behind the murder of your brother. You infiltrate 5-10 and are supposed to climb up the ranks by doing missions.

To play the game you are supposed to have a connection, otherwise it will just crash. You are always in multiplayer, and there is no way to disable it. This causes plenty of issues. Even if you do not want to play with others, the game still forces you to.

Overall, The Crew is an amazing concept with extremely poor execution. The only thing that I like about the game is the huge and detailed open world. Everything else: the story, the physics and the difficulty is very poorly executed. I haven't played The Crew 2, but I really hope that it will fix all of the issues that the first game had.

As always, thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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