What is the SCP community and should I join it?
From a very playful piece of slime to a universe-destroying machine
The SCP (Secure. Contain. Protect.) foundation is a fictional worldwide shadow organization which has the task of containing anomalous objects and creatures. It is a mix of horror, sci-fi and urban fantasy, has its own official website (, and a large, creative community. Most of the pages on the website (SCPs) are written in a professional, scientific format. However, there are also the tales, which are looser in format but still take place within the SCP foundation's universe.

It has first appeared on the /x/ forum on 4chan, where the first anomaly, specifically SCP-173, was posted. Since then, the fictional organization has evolved into a large and an extremely helpful community.

An SCP has a unique identification number, name, and "object class" which is based on the difficulty of containing them. Then, the article describes the procedures required to contain it, its description, and test logs.

The best thing about the SCP community is how free it is: whether you want to make a videogame about it, a short movie, or a comic book: sure! No one will prevent you from doing that, and the community will very likely help you with it.

The 4,900+ articles on the website range from hilarious to nightmare fuel, and new SCPs are frequently added. There are also contests in which the members of the wiki are encouraged to submit writings in a specific theme.

There is no specific SCP canon: some imagine the Foundation as a small organization with only around a thousand personnel, and others imagine it as extremely large and with hundreds of thousands of people working for it. Neither is wrong, and you can choose your own canon depending on what you want to make.

In my opinion, it is one of the best internet communities, and you should definitely join it, as there is a lot to read, discuss, and learn.

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