What is my opinion on Roblox?
I have made a post about how I found Roblox (it is my first post, by the way) but it does not say much about my opinion on the game platform itself. So that is what we are going to talk about today.

My opinion on Roblox became more clear over the years, and I will try to talk about it today.

So, in my opinion, the pros of Roblox is that it can get you into game development and can teach you how programming works. If you are too lazy to create your own game, then you can play the creations of other people, which range from FPS shooters to obstacle courses. The large variety of games that you can create is basically the thing that makes up the entire platform. It is exactly what Roblox was made for, and what Roblox is using to advertise itself.
Roblox Studio, the place where all magic is done.
Another good thing about Roblox is the character customization. You can use a large amount of different packages, animations, hats, faces and other things to make your character stand out among others. However, I do not like how a lot of items you could use to customize your character cost Robux. More on that later.
The avatar customization screen.
Now, Roblox is recognized for its community. The community is not really the best, but this is what happens when you make a large game targeted towards children. There will be a lot of children who do stupid things and may completely ruin team-based games, and there is a lot of people who are just outright toxic. However, I am not saying that the community is very bad, infact, there is also a bunch of helpful, good people, and there is a lot of friends to be made on the platform.

I also do not like how there is virtually no way to earn Robux other than to buy it or work hard and make games that people may spend their money on. Giving people a motive to make a good game is a nice decision, however in my opinion there should be more ways to earn the currency (no, not Tix. Tix was nearly useless.)
The catalog.
Another bad thing is the engine's limitations. Roblox is not as flexible as some other game engines, and Roblox games cannot be uploaded on other game platforms. There is a lot of bugs, and the physics engine has a variety of bad things about it. I am not going to go into full detail, but there is a whole bunch of improvements to be made on the engine.
Welcome to Roblox. Are you enjoying the amazing and flawless physics?
So my opinion on Roblox is that it is…

Good, yet nowhere near perfect. There are a lot of things to be added, and a lot of things to be fixed. Roblox is constantly being updated (although some of these updates may prove to be useless, or even bad to the point where they harm the platform.) I mean, there is basically no better option than Roblox, so it is the best gaming platform out there.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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