The Streets: game review
The word "Chaos" made into a game.
You know these Roblox kids that constantly pretend to be gangsters? Yep. This is their hive. This is their origin. This is their Great Mothership. Welcome to The Streets.

The player base of The Streets mostly consists of "gangsters", however is not uncommon to see people who came to the game just to make fun of them and make them mad by saying that XXXTentaction deserved it. I mean, this game may as well be called "Meet some of the worst people to ever have played Roblox simulator", because that is what it basically is. Filter bypassers, audio bypassers, maybe even possibly online daters (trying not to be greenlegocats over here, but I just had to mention them).

Upon joining the game, your very unfortunate character spawns in a randomly chosen spot. Now, you either spawn with a weapon because you bought it with robux, or you buy it using the in-game cash, or you find it on the map. There are several different spots on the map which have loot spawns, although they are very far in-between.

After spawning in, I suggest getting yourself a weapon and stocking up on food that you can find in a restaurant, because they (somehow) heal you from wounds. Then, well… I do not know, there is just so much things you can do in this game. Tip: do not go into the bank unless you really want to die. Tip №2: And NEVER get into a car. These things are guaranteed to glitch out and do things that you may not like at all. Final tip: Type /mute to mute the boomboxes. God, they are the most annoying part of the game.
You didn't know that cars always randomly end up ontop of powerlines? Damn, that's strange.
Oh, and about the bugs. Most of them are associated with the cars. By the way, NEVER get into a car. These things are guaranteed to glitch out and do things that you may not like at all. And, for some reason, the map is full of invisible seats. They are very annoying since you can be running from someone and then BOOM: you are now helpessly hovering above the ground as your opponent is catching up to you at a faster rate.
Now, about the community. I will divide it into different sections:

1. "Gangsters". Typically look like this. Have every single gamepass in the game, usually neutral, unless you provoke them. Then you are either dead or you are going to be hunted down by their 50.000 friends.
2. Funnymen. They come into here and do things like say that they hate minorities, randomly beat people up, and other things like that, all in a (very bad) attempt to be funny or annoying.
The picture is of such low quality because I did not risk walking close to the funnyman.
3. Exploiters. Rare, but obnoxious. Use their powers to either to restore law and order or do the opposite.
Ah, yes. Flying submachine-gun-wielding gangsters. The most common specimen of the 'hood.
4. New players who just beat people up for no reason at all. Probably among the most common in the game.
5. And me, who is just a random person trying to make sense of this godforsaken game.
"What is this shiny TV doing in someone's backyard?"
As you can see, there is not much good in the community, since it is full of toxic people and just overall bad stuff. But the community of The Streets is what makes it so recognizable, the constant noise of earrape and bypassed rap music erupting from the boomboxes, and kids with tactical shotguns jumping around and shooting you for walking up to them.

My conclusion is that the game is… eh… it is okay. I cannot do anything to prevent you from playing it, but I have to say that it is not really a good game. But you can have a fun time with it, I guess…

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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