The real solution to writer's block
Beating one of the most stressful things you will encounter as a writer.
Do you want to know what it feels like when you have nothing to write about?
You sit down on your PC, you have to make a post today. You do not know what the post should be about, so you start looking for ideas. You begin looking at random objects and think about things that are associated with those objects. None of those things are post-worthy, and you continue the process. You turn around, look at the monitor and begin browsing the internet: mainly social media and forums. You try to find an idea. You find none. You continue repeating this process, looking at the clock and realize that you already spent an hour looking for an idea.

You search the internet for solutions to writer's block. No, you do not have time to do these things, you should try and find an idea instead. You continue browsing through the internet in search of an idea. You cannot think of what to write. You give up and decide to not post today. You will know what to write by tomorrow day.

That is what writer's block is like. It is terrible but mostly happens because people try to give themselves a deadline. As a writer, you should be free. You do not have to write every day. But no, you force yourself to, and I do too. It is terrible.

In my opinion, the best way to beat writer's block is to not give yourself a deadline. Look for ideas while doing something like showering, instead of dedicating your time to browsing the internet in search of ideas and doing nothing else other than that. There is no need to walk outside or eliminate distractions. The real solution is simple: do not put yourself under a lot of stress and let yourself rest if you feel like it.

If you want to begin writing, then prepare to experience what I have described above. Do not repeat the mistake that many other people do: if you do not have an idea, just begin doing what you actually feel like doing. You should not feel bad if you are trying not to stress yourself out.

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