Startup school: Part 3, I guess?
So in the last post, I talked about a lecture made by the CEO of Astana Hub. I decided to delve deeper into this topic. You can find the previous post here.

After driving off at about 5 PM, we drove to the Nazarbayev University, where the event took place. It was located in a decently sized room, not big, not small, with tables all around it and office chairs placed behind them. It was pretty comfortable in there, not gonna lie.

The lecture began. It began with what Joseph (the lecturer) described as a "shameless plug", basically advertising Astana Hub and telling us some cool information about it. A surprising amount of people who came to the lecture did actually go to Astana Hub at one point. Then, after shamelessly plugging Astana Hub he began the main part of the lecture, which consisted of him showing a slide, talking about it, going in-depth and answering questions. As I said in the previous post, he talked about his path as an entrepreneur.

He worked at startups like Netscape, and even said that he is responsible for creating banner advertisements… and I kind of dislike that, but it's pretty surprising that he did it. After all, he worked at Netscape (which I mentioned 2 sentences ago) which was one of the first internet-related companies.

I believe that in the previous post that I made, I talked about some startup ideas that need to be explored when it comes to Kazakhstan. He included 6 of them: agriculture, health, education, property/construction tech, smart cities, and developer skills/outsourcing.

He also told us what to do and what NOT to do and the importance of OPM (a.ka. Other People's Money). I hope that lectures like this can be done in the future, as it will help people become successful entrepreneurs.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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