Startup School: day 2 and 3
Day two was too short, so I decided to write about day two and three in one post.

During the second day, we were taught how to do interviews with people to find out if our product will be useful or not. We had found out what to do and what not to do, what to believe and what not to believe, and who to talk to first and who to talk to last. And we also analyzed which questions you should ask and which questions you should not ask during an interview. However, our homework was to create a presentation and interview some people on our project.

This proved to be hard, and I was nearly late with the presentation and did not even manage to interview anyone at all. Other people did, though, mostly because they already had their presentation for a while now. When we came back to the school, the CEO of Clockster (a company that has created a cloud personnel management system) taught us how to make a good presentation. Well, mine seemed to be correct, so we went on with the day.

The entire day was devoted to making a good presentation, and I made sure that mine would be good and would fit the criteria. I made my presentation in English (because I am more confident while speaking English, and because they said it was allowed). I have I was actually pretty worried, mostly due to the thought that I would do everything wrong or something similar to that.

So the time came, we were supposed to show what we have done. I became even more worried because the other presentations looked way more professional and less rushed than mine had. So I came onto the stage, I have shown what I have done, and, well… Nothing bad happened!

When I was going home, I have realized how much I have learned a lot in these three days, and I feel like going there was a good decision.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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