Startup School: day 1
Today I went to a school (I am going to refer to it as a startup school from now on) where they taught you on how to create your own startup (you can visit their website here) Basically, their point is that they can turn an idea into a prototype in less than three days. Well, day one has passed, and today I will talk about it.

You come into a room with about 50 chairs, with a large screen made up of multiple small screens and a stage in front of you. One by one, several lecturers go and present their own ways on how to make a start-up and how to grow it into a big business. Most of the people in the audience were college students.

The lecturers are explaining their ideas in such a way that it is very easy to understand while remaining informative and easy to remember. All readings last about an hour and a half, and you are always free to ask questions in the end. The lecturers also provide a lot of videos and pictures to go along with it. My favorite readings were by a man who was the COO of a business called YellowRockets and someone from RocketStudy (a school in our country that teaches you English), their lectures were very interesting, informative and taught you a lot of useful things.
However, on the first day, there really was not much to do. We sat in front of the stage for several hours, listening to what the lecturers were saying, and occasionally asking questions. But I am 100% sure that in the following days we will have a lot to do, a lot to learn and a lot to share with others.

I personally think that creating such a school is a good idea. While they said that only one out of ten start-ups actually end up becoming successful, they manage to motivate you quite a lot. I really hope that more schools similar to this one will appear in the future, and not only in our country but all across the world.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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