SJWs and why they are one of the worst internet communities
And how they could ruin the internet
SJW (social justice warrior) was a term used to describe people such as Martin Luther King, those who fought for equality and peace. Nowadays, it is used to describe people who think (or just pretend) that they are fighting for a better world, when in reality they are just hating on people for no reason at all: calling them homophobes, transphobes, islamophobes, and basically all of these long, fancy words that stand for hating people. I, myself, do not like these people at all. How did they come to existence, though?

As I said, the term SJW has existed for a very long time: some uses of the word date back to the 1820's. Back then, it was a positive word. As I said, it used to describe people who fought for the greater good, for equality, for actual peace. As time went by, the word went from being positive to being neutral, and in the 2010s it grew into a negative term.

The SJW community keep "fighting" for the rights of women, minorities and other people who were hated like several hundred years ago. I do not understand what they are even fighting for, because nowadays these people get everything that they want. They get videogame developers to add women to places where women would not be. Now some SJWs yell at white people just because they are white.

At this point, I think that these people seem to be fighting not for equality, but rather for inequality: not only this can result in more hate, it will result in us going back in time. Going back to the times where you would be hated not for what you do, but for who you are.

But maybe this is all an exaggeration. Maybe the community will die out overtime, and turn from a hated community to simply a bad memory. Time is able of killing anyone and anything. So why not spend your life happily?

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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