SizzleBurger: should you apply?
A Roblox Restaurant from the perspective of one of its workers.
I promised to do an update on SizzleBurger, and here we are right now.

After passing the extremely easy 40 minute long training (I feel like the training is flawed, since you are quite literally guaranteed to pass it, even if you use little to no grammar and do a lot of mistakes), I was ranked as a cashier. After being ranked, you can freely join the game and, well, play as a cashier. The job is pretty simple: when a customer walks up you put their order into a tablet and the order is sent to the chefs. While this sounds easy on paper: it is not. Out of all the customers that you will ever meet, only a quarter would actually do everything properly. The rest are either trolls or people who just leave mid-order.
A cashier's tablet.
The trolls are annoying to deal with, but luckily there is a Discord server where you can ask for staff to join your game. There is plenty of moderators so getting one will prove to be an easy task.

Every time you properly serve a customer you get a worker point. Those are used to show your experience in the game. You get the role of "Experienced Cashier" at 150 worker points. After becoming an Experienced Cashier you can go to the training center to become a chef.

You spend most of your time copy-pasting phrases like "Hello, welcome to SizzleBurger! What do you want to order?", which honestly becomes pretty tiring. And as I said before, there are customers who leave mid-order. This is perhaps one of the most annoying things ever, and it happens way more frequently than it should.

Alright, now for my final opinion on SizzleBurger. I think that you can get some fun out of this game, however there is plenty of bad things to come with it. About the only reason to play as a cashier is to get the worker points to become a chef. If I do become one, I will definitely post an update about it, and tell about my experience there.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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