6 month anniversary!
(since the creation of the blog, of course)
So today is November the 26th. And guess what? My first post was made on May the 26th, exactly 6 months ago. Since you most likely read the title before clicking on this post and reading this text, you should understand that today is the 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG!

One interesting thing that you will find is that during the first days of my blog I made around 2 posts a day. That slowed down to an average number of 1 post a day, with the occasional 2 posts. I was pretty active back then and had plenty of ideas: I would plan my blog posts days ahead. Now, my blog is kind of… dead, I guess? If you read the status updates, you know that I am just out of ideas. Writer's block is terrible.

To be perfectly honest, when looking back at my old posts I get motivated. But the thing is, that motivation is useless because I do not have any post ideas. The only ideas that I have are game reviews, although I know that these are bland and boring. Maybe I could get an idea for a post, but that happens very rarely.

I did try to kick it up into activity by making 2 posts in a row, but that didn't exactly work out. But I am starting to blame myself, not writer's block, for not making up ideas. I will begin trying to do more posts from now on. I really hope that this will succeed: I want this blog to be alive again. Maybe I could even go back to the 2 posts per day thing.

Either that, or I spend more time on a post. Most of my posts are very short (about 350 words on average), although I did a couple of posts which were about 1000-1100 words long. That is obviously way more than 350 words, and I am kind of considering it. In my opinion it will make my blog much more… blog-y? A lot of my posts are just too short to be taken as proper posts. But do not expect me to post every day if I resort to doing that: I just do not have enough time to think up an idea that's good enough for such a long post.

Anyway, I want to thank all of you guys for reading my blog! I know that there is not a lot of you, but I want to thank you for even visiting this website! It actually means a lot to me, knowing that I am not writing these posts, only for them to be read by absolutely no one. I will also update the website with new features when I can.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED talk!
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