rBreach: the game review
This is the follow-up to the previous blog post: and today we will be reviewing an SCP: Secret Laboratory clone, called rBreach.
In rBreach, you spawn in a random team. Some teams are friendly to each other (you cannot kill friendlies), hostile to each other (you get points for killing hostiles) or neutrals (you can kill neutrals, but do not get points for it. Never trust neutrals). The winning conditions D-Class and scientists is to escape, and all the other teams have to eliminate the hostiles to win.
There are also multiple game modes: Containment Breach (regular game mode),
Council Rescue (there are council members which have O5 keycards, no security, D-class and other teams, and a lot of SCPs. MTF spawns instantly),
Team Deathmatch (2 random hostile teams spawn and have to kill each other),
Who You Gonna Call (MTF spawns in and must eliminate SCP 280's, which, by the way, look like ghosts)
and Hide And Seek (mini-gun wielding D-Class have to eliminate the weaponless facility personnel).
The game is fun, however some game modes are just outright boring, which results in barely anyone ever voting for them. I will mostly talk about Containment Breach in here.
You either spawn as a D-Class, Facility Personnel, Guard, SCP, and sometimes Chaos Insurgency.
Faction relations chart.
You either spawn as a D-Class, Facility Personnel, Guard, SCP, and sometimes Chaos Insurgency. As a D-Class or a Facility Personnel your objective is to get a Level 4/5 keycard and escape, and the other teams need to eliminate the hostiles to win.

There is also a small number of SCPs, who are basically monsters which want to destroy humans. They have high health, and all of them have different abilities: SCP-049, for example, can infect people upon hitting them, while SCP-096 enters a "rage mode" whenever someone sees its face.

Your average SCP attempting to murder a human.
When it is 10:00 or 5:00 on the timer, reinforcements spawn: anything apart from D-Class, Facility Personnel, Guards and SCPs can come as a reinforcement.

This game is among my favorites, although it looks very simply made, and the gameplay is sometimes ruined by lag or by bugs. The gun system is probably the worst thing about the game: the guns are laggy and it takes about half a second for them to fire after you actually pulled the trigger. This results in firefights where neither side can inflict major damage upon each other as most of their bullets just fly away, where the target was about a second ago.

I highly suggest that you play this game: there is a lot of gameplay, and the fact that each round is different only adds to the replayability (is that even a word?).

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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