Programming school
In April I applied to an online school called QWANT (it uses the QWASAR platform). It focuses on upskilling your programming and tech skills. Most of the course is about C and JavaScript, although we haven't gotten to the JavaScript part yet.

So how did I apply to the school? First off, I had to pass a simple application, and then I had to go through a programming test, in which I could choose a programming language. I decided to use Python, as I was quite good at it.

I passed the test, and I was accepted. We began the course with an opening ceremony, in which we were introduced to the (entirely virtual) school, and then we were able to ask questions about the platform. We also got access to the Telegram group, which we mostly use for discussing the tasks and getting help from your peers. Speaking about that, this entire platform focuses on your peers helping you with tasks. There are no teachers and pretty much no deadlines, you learn along the way.

I personally find this both a very interesting and a very practical way of learning. Although some may view it as a strange way of learning, it's much more useful than it seems. When I started I barely knew anything about C, and by now I can already see major improvements in my coding.

Also, the fact that the school entirely takes place online really helps. You can just lay down on your bed, laptop on your knees and a cup of coffee on the table next to you. You don't have to sit at a classroom or anything.
Each evening (except for weekends) our group meets up together and we discuss what we did today, what coding exercise we are on and what we would need help with. For the past couple weeks we have also been doing presentations on different topics (preferably related to coding and/or technology). I'm always looking forward to those meetings.

The tasks that you are given are in-fact very difficult, but I feel like that's the point. Nothing motivates you more than finishing that one task that you were stuck on for a couple days. Not to mention that you learn more from difficult tasks, not from easy ones.

Overall, I enjoy my time at the online school. The tasks are fun, and I'm always looking forward to learning more. The staff are very supporting and are willing to help you out with the issues that you have with your code. It's a very supporting and helpful community, and I love it.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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