Plates of Fate: the game review
A game of dumb luck.
Alright, I think I will be making game reviews more frequently. Although I will not turn this into a blog entirely about game reviews.

Plates Of Fate is a game where you are put onto a plate, and random events happen. There is a HUGE amount of these events, making each round different from the other. However, the objective always stays the same: be the last one to survive.

The rounds do not last long, only around 5 minutes at the very most. However, there is not much to do in the lobby (other than to play the very boring obbies), and its not like the game makes some kind of noise when the round begins to awaken you and make you go back to the game.

My personal opinion on the game is that it is fun, although literally all of the game depends on what the random number generator chooses, instead of strategy and tactics. However, the replayability factor is huge, because, as I said before, no round is the same as the other. Oh, by the way, there are also special rounds which can spice the game up.

There is also a pretty big issue in the game, which is exploiters. It is not uncommon to see an exploiter come into a server with admin commands, and then proceed to ruin it, lagging the game out by adding a large amount of plates, spawning mines, posting inappropriate pictures or doing all of those things at once. By the way, it happened as I was typing this. Sigh… The developer doesn't even update the game anymore, or try to do anything to prevent people from continuously exploiting it.

My verdict is that the game is good and that you should play it, however you should always be prepared to switch servers incase there is an exploiter.

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