Phantom Forces: the Review
One of the most popular Roblox FPS Shooters.
Alright, every Friday I will do a review of a Roblox game (and occasionally I may do non-Roblox game reviews). I mean, not really a review, as I will mostly be reviewing games that everyone has played, more like my opinion about it. Let's get started at Phantom Forces!

Yeeeeaaaahh. It's totally not like PF is a very known Roblox game and it does not require a review.

Anyway, Phantom Forces is an FPS shooter was available in its alpha stage around mid-2015, a beta version was released in the second half of 2015, and in 2016 it was fully released. It has 100+ guns, all of which have a huge amount of attachments and skins, while offering some very fun and smooth gameplay. The game can be fully enjoyed without spending ANY money on it (although there are ingame purchases). If you really crave credits, I suggest selling your current skins or just playing more instead of spending Robux on them. The gameplay is very simple and the gamemodes are very simple to understand. All of them (except for team deathmatch, that is) include shooting people and running to things. Wait, isn't this supposed to be my opinion? Oh yeah.

I personally played Phantom Forces ever since the alpha release, and I have to say: it is a very good game. Although it is made on Roblox, the quality of the gameplay can compete with some AAA games (although this may be a little exaggerated).

The community? Well… I wouldn't call PF's community the best, although there are communities that are even more toxic than this one. But if you really wanna meet nice people, then go to the official Discord, it has very strict rules so you would never come across any toxicity.

What I do not really like about the game is that some maps are just outright terrible and annoying, and sometimes they are absolutely unplayable. In my opinion, the worst map in the game is Mirage, because about the only gamemode that actually matters on the map is Team Deathmatch, anything else involves running around the huge map trying not to get brutally shot to death by people on the rooftops.

What I do not like as well is the anti-tradekill system. Basically, if two people are shooting each other, their shots may remain unregistered to prevent tradekills. Honestly, this is even more annoying than getting tradekilled, as you may shoot someone 5 times, get a hitmarker, and they will stay at 100 health. But maybe at the time that I am writing this the issue was fixed. Conclusion down below!

The updates are delivered regularly, be it a small update including bug fixes, or a large one including new maps, new guns, and possibly even a new gamemode and new mechanics. Anyway, if you just so happen to come across Phantom Forces, I highly suggest that you play it, as it offers a lot of very fun gameplay, a large variety of weaponry, attachments, maps and gamemodes.

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