An overview of Isle
Something's lur- why am I just repeating the description of the game?
Isle quickly became one of my favorite games on Roblox. It's a survival game, but not the kind of survival game that you would usually see on this platform. I think of it as a mix between the story games (think of Camping) and regular survival games. Story due to the scripted events and multiple endings. Survival because you have to find loot around the map.

You end up stranded on an island along with several other people (unless you joined an empty lobby). You have one goal: and it is to escape. Finding the escapes via trial and error is very difficult, most people just end up using a guide. However, if you manage to escape without a guide, you have done something that many people couldn't.

The game itself doesn't give much information on how to play it, but the wiki does. There are two Wikis dedicated to this game: the Isle Wiki and the Badorkbee Games Wiki. The latter is official, and as such, I highly suggest using it instead, as the info there is much more reliable. Be wary of spoilers, though.

The game begins with you being on a prisoner ship (don't talk, or else you will get shot). The ship crashes, and after that, you are free to doing anything as you please. Just keep the consequences in mind. I suggest that you play without a guide the first time you join the game, or maybe even the second time. Maybe the third. It teaches you quite a lot about the game.

There's a lot of items that you can find on the island, including weapons. Ammunition isn't easy to find, and the guns aren't exactly easy to find too, so I suggest that you do not waste your ammo shooting everything that moves. Items will help you in basically every way possible, and the description of the item should tell you enough about it. Unless it doesn't, in which case you should refer to the wiki. Keep in mind that you can only hold 3 items in your inventory at all times. You won't be able to cheat the system by putting stuff in your backpack (the one on the top left corner of your screen), trust me, I tried.

I'm going to step into spoiler areas now, although it's nothing game-ruining since you will find out about it quickly enough. Mercenaries. They will arrive on Day 2. There are 5 mercenaries, each of which serves a purpose. The commander leads the squad, all of the squad follows him. The sniper, well, snipes, while the spotter aids the sniper by showing far-away targets. The medic heals wounded soldiers, and the gunner wields a machine gun. They will shoot you when they see you. Be careful.
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Now that we got the mercenaries out of the way, let's discuss another threat. His name is… monster. It's literally what he is called, but people also call him Stan. He is a pitch black human with glowing, red eyes. Stan appears during the day to scare you, or to kill you, but that happens pretty late into the game, you should escape before then (unless you are finding The Truth, or trying to kill all of the mercenaries, or doing something else that is very time-consuming). However, he is a real threat at night. You will only be attacked if you are sleeping outside of a building, or in an unreliable shelter (such as the mines, or the caves), and even then it's not guaranteed that he will appear. You will be woken up, and Stan will attack you. You will be able to shoot him (which just scares him away), which you should do, or else you will die.

I think that this is enough for the overview. Feel free to check out the wiki if you want to find out more about the game, it's very helpful. I hope that you will love it, the game is highly underrated, it deserves much more players than it currently has.

By the way, I made a few videos on this game. Feel free to check them out on my channel!
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