October 5th: status update
October 5th. My life has taken another turn again. The days can go on with regularity over and over, one day indistinguishable from the next. A long continuous chain. Then suddenly, there is a change.

I made a post.

I decided to make this status update so that my followers don't have to worry about my current state. I am fine and healthy. I was just inactive due to the fact that school has began and that I am out of ideas. I am pretty sure that the few people that read this blog think that I am dead or something. I'm really not. I just… cannot bring myself to write anything. I don't have any ideas.

I wanted to criticize the repetitiveness of memes (r/dankmemes and all that). I nearly finished writing it but then I realized that it was more like a copypasta than a blogpost. And I had no ideas other than that.

So about the status update itself… I may make these every month or something, but I will have no set schedule. I will probably make them during my times of inactivity. In the status updates I will just write some recent things that happened in my life and stuff. Probably also some things that were on my mind. I don't know what background I will use for these, but I will probably stick with the mountain background that I currently have on this post.

So one of the things that I wanted to talk about is the contrast between the posts on my blog. One day I may be making a humorous game review and the next day I am wondering whether there are any extraterrestrials in the universe. It's mostly because this blog has no set topic. I write whatever I feel I should write. Sometimes I can be inspired to write a blogpost by a video and I write it. Then I play a new game and decide to make a review on it. That's basically how it works.

TLDR: I am not dead, I have no ideas.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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