My 2 day vacation in Dubai: Part 2
The next day we did not do as much as we did during the first day, other than ride out into the dunes. Yeah, riding out into the dunes is a popular thing to do in Dubai. There was a young kid there, though, so we did not do scary stunts (like, for example, riding off nearly vertical dunes). We took a rest at some small place which had a shop and a quad motorcycle rental. Yeah, we rented a quad. Riding it was not really fun, since it was extremely hot and painful to touch after it stood all day out in the hot desert sun. And then we ended up crashing into a fence. It seemed like nearly everyone who rented a quad there did that, since the fence was pretty much horizontal after getting ran over so much times. After the terrible motorcycle ride we went to the small shop where we bought a nice golden statue of the Burj Khalifa. Oddly enough, it was very cheap (at least cheaper than in the city). But I mean, I really doubt that it was created using real gold and diamonds.

After that we drove some more, before arriving to another small place, this time it was a restaurant with a stage in the middle. There was not a big variety of food, but I mean there was a guy who had a pet hawk on his arm. He allowed others to try and feel what it is like to have a pet hawk on your arm. Eh… it is not really fun, since the hawk is heavy and also has those big claws. At least it is cool!

Then came the fun part: while we were eating, some guys went on stage and began doing circus tricks. Well, mostly fire-related circus tricks. Stuff like spitting out fire, dancing with a burning hula hoop thing, and other stuff that looks both dangerous and fun. We also spoke with the family that rode on the safari with us, turns out they all spoke English to each other despite the fact that they were born in the UAE and knew fluent Arabic. I do not remember much from the talk since it, well, was nearly 3 years ago, but they were nice people, that is all.

After eating while watching people toss burning objects around, we rode back over to the hotel. This was, sadly, our last day in the UAE: I really liked it there, to be honest. After a good sleep, we went to the airport, and, well, returned home. I honestly wish that we spent more time in the city and also lived at a better hotel. Regardless, it was probably the best vacation I ever had in my life: well, most of my vacations consist of me going to Turkey for 10 days, and spending all of the days in the hotel eating, or on the beach swimming.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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