My vacation in Dubai: Part 1
During my short vacation in Dubai I saw many things both in and outside of the city, and, honestly, I wish that the other vacations that I experienced were as fun as this one.

It was around the middle of the summer in 2016, we were on a ten day vacation in the UAE. Our plan was to spend eight days in a hotel outside of any big city, then move to Dubai and spend the remaining two days there. The eight day vacation was actually boring: we would just go outside, spend some time in the pool, go eat, repeat. After climbing into a taxi with all of our stuff, we made our way to Dubai. It was a short ride, hour long drive across the middle eastern desert. It really made me think: Dubai is a strange city. It has the tallest structure in the world and is one of the world's biggest cities and one of the most popular tourist destinations, but it is right in the middle of an empty, scorching hot desert.

We arrived to a 4 star hotel: I didn't like it, my family didn't like it too. But at least it was very close to a metro station, which meant that we could easily go to the different parts of the city fairly quickly. Even though Dubai is a large city, 2 days is just enough to visit most of the interesting places there.

We obviously first went to Burj Khalifa. I do not remember much from it, other than the incredible speed of the elevators and how there was a video of some woman talking about the Mission Impossible scene where Tom Cruise climbed atop the tower. Oh, and the view! You could see a lot of Dubai from the observation deck. There were binoculars that would show Dubai as it was several decades ago, as it was during the time the city was being built, and what it looked like now.

After Burj Khalifa we went to the Dubai Mall. It was HUGE. So huge that we got lost in it. Anyway, we went to some place called Kidzania where kids could pretend that they had a job or whatever. It had its own currency (I'm pretty sure I have some of it laying somewhere) which you could use to buy food n' stuff. You could pretend to be a firefighter, pilot, McDonalds employee, and various other things. The firefighter job would usually involve you riding over to some "burning" building and extinguishing the fires there, but for some reason me and the other kids instead just rode around the town screaming "FIREFIGHTER TEAM" or something.

Then during the pilot job you just had to wear a "Pilot" badge (still have it!) and play a very simple aircraft simulator. Yeah, it was pretty boring. Then during the McDonalds employee job you would just make yourself a burger.

Then we had to go back to the hotel. Remember when I said that we got lost? Yeah, that happened. We had to ask people on where the nearest exit was and how far it was to the nearest metro station. It took a while, but we finally got outside, and took a long rest. To be continued in part 2!
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