My opinion on the Camping series
Spoiler alert.
The Camping series (Camping, Camping 2 and Hotel) were on the front page of Roblox for a relatively long time. The first time I played Camping, I felt like it was another generic horror game. However, let's dive deeper into this topic to find out if it actually is like that.

Well, if you did not know yet, all of the games I mentioned above are actually horror games posing as some casual social games. In the first game you go camping, but then a monster shows up and then people begin dying. The story of the game really feels like a generic horror movie, and it is full of clich├ęs.

So, why did such a seemingly generic horror game become so popular? Well, it revived a dead genre: story games. Most Roblox games don't really play like a movie and don't have a detailed story: Camping does, though. It blew up because games like this weren't seen for a long time, and now that they were revived everyone found out how fun these games are, especially when they are multiplayer.

The gameplay is hard, but you come back to this game to find out the ending. You die multiple times and learn from your previous mistakes. The human mind is made in such a way that it constantly wants to finish unfinished things. And THAT is why Camping became so popular.

Hotel and Camping 2 share similar aspects. Many people will find the stories of these games generic and unoriginal, but that doesn't mean that they aren't fun. The games constantly feel intense, and you strive forward to try and survive the massacre that is happening.

I feel like the Camping series is proof that a dead genre can be revived when executed properly. It is probably one of the most fun horror game experiences on Roblox, having multiple endings (both bad and good), a mostly unpredictable story and some dark humor.

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