My city: Nur-Sultan
A brief description of the capital of Kazakhstan.
Nur-Sultan is the capital of Kazakhstan, and it is also the city that I live in. I really want to tell you guys more about it, and now I will do that.

Nur-Sultan (it was Astana before this, it was renamed to Nur-Sultan in honor of the first president of Kazakhstan) is a large city in the middle of a dry steppe, with a river (Ishim, by the way) separating it into two parts: the Left Coast, and the Right Coast.

I live on the Left Coast and it is the more advanced part of the city. There are way more skyscrapers and modern buildings, and most of the cool new things that happen in Nur-Sultan take place on the Left Coast. On the other hand, the Right Coast has much more Soviet-Era buildings. There are some skyscrapers, however they are usually close to the river. However, the Right Coast is bigger than the Left one.

Now, one of the most weird things about Nur-Sultan is its climate. At summer we might reach around 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) and at winter we reach -30 degrees (-22 Fahrenheit). Because of this we have plenty of hot summer clothing while also having plenty of winter coats. The summer, however, does not last long. There are only around 60 hot days in an entire year.

What I love about Nur-Sultan is the views. Seriously, sometimes when I am outside I just imagine that I am in a Sci-Fi movie. Just take a look at this video and admire the views:
Did you see that white tower with a golden sphere on the top? It is called the Bayterek, and is pretty much the symbol of Kazakhstan. It is meant to embody a Kazakh folktale where a magic bird of happiness named Samruk has laid a golden egg on top of a poplar tree. There is plenty of interesting things to tell about it. For example, the observation deck located in the golden sphere is at the height of 97 m above ground level, which corresponds to 1997, the year when Nur-Sultan became the capital city of Kazakhstan.
The Bayterek, standing at 105 m.
There are much more things to tell about Nur-Sultan, but writing all of them down would make this post WAY too long. I personally like this city, both for its views and its quality of life. I suggest that you take a visit here, because you can see a lot of very interesting things in the capital city of Kazakhstan.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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