My board game experience
Taking a look at some of the games that I have played.
I am actually a pretty big fan of board games, and sometimes I find them to be more fun than videogames, even though it is harder to set them up and to play them. I have plenty of them, although I have basically no one to play them with. My family is constantly busy and I do not know where I can find a community that I can play board games in. Today I will be reviewing the board games that I have played.

The favorite board game that I have will probably be Munchkin. The thing that I love about Munchkin is that nearly all editions of the games can be combined. That means you can just grab a Munchkin, then grab another and shuffle their cards together. Although there are some editions of the game where you cannot do that, I still consider it to be one of the best parts of the game. Munchkin's rules aren't very complicated and it is always fun to play.
Another one that I have is Fallout: the Board Game. I bought this one because I watched plenty of videos about it. I liked the gameplay (and I also liked it because you could play it alone), but the thing is in gameplay videos they usually edit the video so that it is short. The reason why I do not like F:TBG is because it is the prime example of bad rule writing. You frequently just give up mid-session due to how much time it takes to reach the victory goal. If you want to enjoy F:TBG, I suggest that you add some house rules (I suggest visiting this page).
The last one on my list will be Bang: The Dice Game. This game is completely different from the original, focusing on dice rolling instead of card drawing. The thing that I like about this game is how simple it is. There are no humongous card decks or confusing icons. There is just the player character, their health and the five dice. Although there are some balancing issues (some characters are way better than the others), I consider this to be a finely made game.
I enjoy all of those three board games, although I will rate them like this: Munchkin > Bang: the Dice Game > Fallout: the Board Game. As soon as you have plenty of friends to play with, board gaming will be amazing.

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