My 50th post: The blogging experience
My 50th post: The blogging experience
Alright, boys. This is the 50th post on my blog. I am proud of myself for writing so many posts, this is a big milestone for me. Anyway, back to the post.

My experience with blogging is that it can be fun, but sometimes it is stressful. I have been making blog posts for only about a month and a half now so take my words with a grain of salt.

I have been introduced to blogging because I wanted to spill my thoughts somewhere. I wanted to do it on my own website and not on social media because, well, it's easier to make a blog on websites: you create your own rules and the only restriction is that you can't break the law.

One of the worst things about blogging is when you just run out of ideas. You sit there for several hours, browsing the internet in a desperate attempt to find something to write about. You get an idea but then dismiss it because it is either something that has already been discussed many times before, because you feel uncomfortable writing about it or because there isn't much to write about it. When you finally get the idea you begin quickly typing it in and then making a web-page for it. That is what blogging is like for me.

You may have noticed that I talk about MANY different topics on this website. So many that at times it can be confusing: at one day, for example, I write a humorous post about a game and then in the next one I talk about the vast emptiness of space. That happens because I do not restrict this blog to a certain theme. If I get a good idea then I will write about it.

Also, my blog posts are very short (about 350-500 words on average). That is mainly because I have many things to do and I only get about 2 hours to write a post, not to mention that I like to post every day. It is just a habit, I feel more comfortable posting every day. I may switch to writing longer posts, but then I will not be able to post every day. Give me feedback on this idea, I will try to improve based on your criticism.

Overall, I feel like blogging is not for everyone. There are many pros and cons. Blogging in itself is a good idea because it allows you to learn how to be a writer and many other things. However, you should be prepared for the writer's block. Do not worry if it happens, it occurs to every writer out there. My solution (although this might be a pretty bad solution to writer's block) is to observe your surroundings. Look at an object and think about it. What could I write about this? Is there anything associated with this object that I could write about? Go outside, browse the internet. Take a break if you need to. Remember that you do not owe anyone anything. And finally, do not stress yourself out.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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