Miners Haven: game review
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Today I will be talking about my Miners Haven experience, one that spanned about 2-3 years. There were a few months of inactivity spread around those years, which resulted in me only being around life 435, at the time of writing this.

Miner's Haven is a Roblox tycoon. However, in contrast to other tycoons, it does not include rapidly running around and stepping on buttons: instead, YOU build the tycoon. You choose which things to place and where to place them. By doing so you can create setups of varying complexity, which allow you to get money either quickly or slowly. I, myself have built a setup that doesn't cost much money to build and allows you to rebirth extremely quickly.

Your first few lives will be very difficult: it took me several months to become Life 2. However, the farther you progress, the easier it will become, due to the many powerful rebirth items that you will use. You will begin to rebirth faster and faster, until it only takes you a few seconds instead of a few hours of waiting. Once that happens, you can repeat that until you sacrifice.

I haven't done a sacrifice yet, but it takes ALL of your items, including your vintages, exotics and some other items (don't worry, they will be returned to your possession later, at life 100), and also returns you to life 1. In return, you get an extremely powerful upgrader. The same goes for the second sacrifice. Upon completing the second sacrifice, you practically finish the game, however you can obviously keep playing if you want to.

And yes, there are lootboxes… sort of. The thing is, during nighttime, crates fall from the sky. There are many types of crates. The better the crate, the better are the contents, and the rarer it is. Those crates are free for collecting and they can contain these boxes. Codes obtained from the creator's Twitch streams, the Berezaa Games Discord and occasionally the creator's Twitter account also allow you to obtain these boxes, and other nice items. You can, however, still buy them with Robux, although the only boxes that you can buy are the regular and unreal ones. These are the 2 lowest tier crates, I'm pretty sure, so you won't really want to buy them. Especially since you can just find them in crates.

I really love Miner's Haven due to it's concept and execution: both are done very well. The game can prove to be truly addicting. Although the gameplay can get repetitive over time, especially if the game became way too easy for you, the sheer amount of goals that you can achieve keeps you playing.. The satisfaction of your setup working and giving you a large amount of money is purely unbeatable. I suggest that you play this game, but you may have to look up some walkthroughs on YouTube, and read the wiki to find out more about the game and its contents. Without these things, the game will be much harder.

I rate this game 4/5.

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