Magic Training: the Review
You're a wizard, reader.
Hello, welcome to the second game review on my blog! Today we will be reviewing Magic Training: a creative game that involves Harry Potter spells, fast typing, getting kicked for copypasting and brutally blowing people up with magic.

The game involves you typing out Harry Potter spells into the chat and then clicking on things to cast these spells. While the game is centered on PVP, there are plenty of spells which are practically useless (Lumos, for example. It turns your wand into a flashlight, but there is no use for it since it is never dark in the game).

Also, about the typing part: you must type. You cannot copy paste. The creator of the game was smart enough to make it so that you would be kicked out of the game upon copy pasting something.

There are also clashes that happen whenever two different people cast a spell on each other at the same time. You must repeatedly click white orbs that appear on your screen to win a clash. Upon doing so, your spell will be casted on the opponent.

Now, let's go over the tactics of the game. The most used spell in the game is probably "appa", it allows you to teleport when you click onto a solid surface. If you want to test some spells out, you can clone yourself (or someone else) by typing out "geminio" and either clicking onto a solid surface or onto a player. I suggest using "sectumsempra" or "defodio" for killing people. Do NOT use "avada kedavra". It has the exact same effect as the spells I mentioned above, but takes more time to type out. If you, like me, have terrible aim but type fast, I suggest that you spam "bombarda" which causes an explosion that deals 50 damage whenever it hits something. Episkey is for healing things, and if you like to annoy people by not allowing them to move or do anything you can use "duro" (turns the victim to stone), "levicorpus" (causes the victim to levitate in the air while ragdolling, not allowing them to move) or "edublio" (similar to levicorpus except that the player is ragdolled inside of a bubble that slowly moves around). Anyway, if you want a guide on all the spells, I suggest that you visit

I personally like Magic Training and highly suggest that you play it, as it offers a lot of fun gameplay, encourages you to learn how to type fast and has a lot of fun spells that you can use for either good or bad.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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