Lucky Block Battlegrounds: a bad game that always wants you to pay.
Lucky Block Battlegrounds is a game of waiting, waiting some more since you got bad items, and constantly worrying that you may accidently buy a gamepass.

So basically, you spawn in your base. Your base is a safezone, the only person that can get into there is you, and no one is able of harming you when you are inside of the base. The point of the game is to collect "lucky blocks", which give you a random Roblox gear upon opening them. The lucky blocks can be collected by uh… waiting. They appear in your base, and then once you collect a lucky block you need to wait a minute before you can get another one. Oh, and the more you play, the more lucky block dispensers you unlock.
An example of a dispenser.
Honestly, this game screams "GIVE ME MONEY." There is a gamepass for every single tier of lucky block (oh, by the way, there are four tiers. A regular one, a pink "super lucky" one, a blue "diamond" one and a rainbow one that gives you the most OP loot.), which gives you access to that block forever.
You are supposed to go out onto the "battlefield" and kill people. Note how killing people does not reward you in any way. You kill people by using Roblox gears, which may sound like a fun concept on paper, but a lot of the gears are glitchy, laggy, and sometimes they will not work AT ALL. All of this terrible and painful gameplay is followed by an annoying soundtrack which is entirely composed of dubstep (or whatever it is called) that would mostly be found on Youtube intros. Seriously, it is just so obnoxious that I had to turn my volume off.
Damn, dude, such an impressive looking battlefield. God, it is so creative and so masterfully crafted.
Overall, I feel like Lucky Blocks Battleground is a painful experience that ALWAYS wants you to pay. Pay a lot. Now, if you do not want to get killed by laggy people with extremely overpowered items, I suggest that you stay away from this game at all costs.

As always, thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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