Is Tilda a good website constructor?
Tilda is a Russian-made site constructor (by the way, I used it to create the website that you are viewing right now). It is very flexible, and has over five hundred customizable blocks.

In my opinion, it has achieved a perfect balance between being simple and very flexible. As I said, there are over five hundred customizable blocks, all of which can be connected to each other. There is no coding needed to create a proper website, however it does not mean that coding is not used! If you are experienced in web design, you can add HTML, CSS or JavaScript to the website.

You can either use it for free, or buy a Personal/Business plan. The only difference between the two is that Business allows you to have five websites (by using Free and Personal you only get one), and the ability to export code.

Now about the blocks: there is a menu that is split up into around 30 categories, and each category has a lot of blocks. Each block can be changed in nearly any way possible: you can change the color, size, text, image, and many other things. This is very obviously a good thing, allowing you to customize your website so that it can fit your taste. If you think that the blocks that are currently on the constructor are not enough, you can use Zero Block, which practically allows you to make your own blocks from scratch.

Tilda is very frequently updating, and maybe this review will prove to be irrelevant in a couple months. But my opinion stays the same: Tilda is one of the best website constructors you can use. It doesn't have a large amount of confusing expensive payment plans, it doesn't have an overwhelming hard-to-use interface. In my opinion, it is one of the best website constructors on the market, if not the best one. Oh, and by the way, they have a special offer: you can get an additional Personal Plan month for free by going to

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