Is Mad City really that bad? Part 3
And the inbalance.
This is the final part of the Mad City series! Today we will be reviewing the heroes, and finally answer the question: is it really that bad?

When you spawn in, you have 8 different superheroes to your disposal

From left to right: the green guy shoots lightings which explode upon hitting something, the red guy runs very quickly, the orange guy shoots fireballs, the blue-red guy shoots high-damage laser beams, the purple woman shoots low-damage purple spheres at a high rate, the blue-orange guy shoots low-damage lightings at a fast rate, the white woman shoots ice and the robot shoots explosions.
All heroes (except for the red guy) are able of flying by quickly pressing the space button twice. There is not really much to say about superheroes, other than the fact that some superheroes are a direct upgrade to the others, causing a fair amount of imbalance. Heroes are also superior to cops, as they get practically the same amount of cash (or maybe even more), yet it is easier to play as them.

I will talk about the main issues of the game: one of them is the pure laziness of the developers. A lot of things are blatant copies of their counterparts in Jailbreak, and some things in the game look way too simple or unfinished.
This red brick is the C4. I am not even joking, this is how it looks.
There is also the many balancing issues that I have mentioned a lot in the previous parts. There is literally no point in playing as the police, when there are Heroes in the game. The criminals get too much power, because everyone prefers to play as them instead of the cops.

My personal opinion on Mad City is that it is a copy of Jailbreak that evolved into its own game. Although it can be enjoyed if you are not looking deeply into it and purposefully seeking out issues, it does not mean it is a good game. There is a lot of room for improvement, and a lot of time to fix the problems, so I hope that the creators of the game (Schwifty Studios, by the way) would look forward to fixing them, and improving their game even more. My verdict is that Mad City is not VERY bad, but it is certainly not good.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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