Is Mad City really that bad? Part 1
The crime.
There are two types of people: those who hate Mad City and those who play it regularly. So is it really that bad?

Mad City is one of the many Cops n' Robbers games on Roblox, those where you either run out of a prison and do bad things or prevent people from running out of the prison and doing bad things. Pretty generic, right? So after playing this game two-three months ago, I have concluded that it is a blatantly lazy copy of Jailbreak. Today, I will replay it and see if it still remains the way it was.

Upon joining the game, you are met with three teams that you can play as: Prisoners, Police and Heroes. I will talk about the Prisoners first, and I will talk about the Police and the Heroes in the next parts.

You spawn inside of a cell, and you are supposed to collect loot out of crates, barrels, trash cans and all that. Upon getting a combination of loot (tape and metal, for example) your character automatically crafts an item that can help you escape. This prevents you from escaping the prison in the same way each time, and I, honestly, like it.
Upon escaping the prison you are supposed to go to the criminal base, get yourself some weaponry, and go out robbing stuff here and there.

The bank and the jewelry store are just blatant copies of the bank and the jewelry store in Jailbreak, while the casino and the night club are actually something that I did not see in other prison games. And, for some reason, there is a pyramid thing… There is also the cargo ship which sometimes arrives at the port for a couple minutes, allowing you to get there and rob it. Oh, by the way, trying to skydive onto the cargo ship will just end up with you casually sliding off into the ocean.
As nearly everyone chooses to be a prisoner when they join the game (mainly because that role usually gives you much more money than any other role) you usually do not have anyone or anything preventing you from robbing stuff, which makes the game really boring, as there is nothing to do other than to run around robbing things.

Or there is a decent amount of police and heroes, which will very likely end with them camping at every single spot in the map. But if you actually get a good server which has non-camping heroes and police, you are actually going to have a fun time.

Part 2 coming soon!

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