Is Battlefield V really worth the hate that it gets?
I mean, Battlefield was never supposed to be realistic...
Ever since its release, Battlefield V has been a controversial topic across the gaming community. This was mostly due to its terribly unrealistic and chaotic trailer combined with EA's "don't buy it if you don't like it" attitude and the fact that your character can be a woman, even if that makes no sense in the game's current setting. Due to this, a whole lot of people consider BFV to be the worst game in the series. So is it really worth all of the hate that it gets? Let's think deeper into this topic.

One of the biggest reasons why people hate BFV is because of all of the "unrealistic" controversy. The fact that the trailer has followed a one-armed Australian female soldier (which makes absolutely no sense in BFV's setting) made a lot of people angry and made them hate the entire game, just for the single trailer. To be perfectly honest, literally, no plays as a female in BFV. People are just desperately looking for a reason to hate the game, even though it really isn't that bad.
Wouldn't you be sent home after losing a damn arm?
I still do not get why people complain about realism in BFV when Battlefield was never really realistic. There were a lot of things In Battlefield's history that made no sense at all. But, as I said before, it is most likely because people are just looking for a reason to hate the game.

People also hate BFV because they hate EA in general. After all of the controversy surrounding Battlefront 2, everyone switched over to the new battlefield game. If a person hates something, then they will usually hate things related to it, and it's very hard to change their mind. I do agree that Battlefront 2 deserves all of the hate that it got in its days, but hating BFV just because it is developed by EA is pretty stupid, to say the least.

Anyway, most of the hate that BFV gets is mostly unnecessary. Although I agree that it would be way better if they tried to make it more realistic and battlefield-like, I still think it is a good game. Hating a game just for the sake of hating it isn't a very good thing to do.

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