How to stop global warming
Advice on how to help our planet and everything that lives on it
There are plenty of ways for people to stop global warming. You can do things as simple as telling other people about it or doing it in a more money-consuming way: such as buying vehicles powered by electricity. I will not be talking about obvious things such as riding a bicycle instead of a car, instead I will be talking about ways that are a little less obvious. Let's jump into the list.

One thing you could do is to not leave fully charged devices plugged in. By leaving a device plugged in when you do not need to, you are adding up to the output of a power plant. So please keep that in mind and adjust your computers so that they absorb the least amount of energy possible when not in use.

You could also reduce water waste. It takes plenty of energy to heat and pump your water. Remember to always turn the tap off unless you need it to be on. If only 1/100 American homes were installed with water-efficient appliances, then we would be able to avoid over 80000 tons of global warming pollution!

You can also help by cleaning the filter on your air conditioner or furnace. If an air filter is dirty, cleaning it would save several pounds of CO₂. By the way, cleaning it will also prevent you from breathing dirty air. So cleaning an air filter both helps you and our planet.

There are much more things you can do to save our planet from global warming. The more people do it, the better it will be. I highly suggest that you spend some of your time on doing it. Do more research on what you could do to save our beautiful planet. Share this post with other people and talk to them about the problem and how we can fix it. And finally, remember that together people can change nearly anything.

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