Framed: coming back to a classis
They put me in the lineup and let the bright lights shine,
There were ten poor souls like me standin' in that line.
I do not think that I need to explain what Framed is, but if you somehow do not know it, it is an FPS shooter where the law fights criminals that are constantly trying to kill each other.

If there are enough players in the game, then the round will begin. If you spawn as a Framed, then you are supposed to hunt down another target (who is also a Framed). You should also watch out because there is someone else trying to kill you (who is also a Framed!). Oh, and do not pull out weapon in-front of police. They can and will kill you for it.

As a cop, you just shoot Framed who pulled a weapon out. An undercover is just a cop that is disguised as a Framed (however, the cops do not know who the undercover is. They can only find out if the undercover shows them a police badge).
You can learn more about the roles by visiting this building in the lobby.
The game either ends when all Framed are dead, which results in a police victory, or when the last surviving Framed escapes. There are also several other gamemodes, but they are very simple. You can learn how to play them in-game.

Now, about the overall experience of the game. It is very simple, but mastering it may prove to be a difficult task. My advice is to click as fast as you can when shooting someone. Oh, and you should never try to kill everyone you see. That will nearly always end terribly. If you kill someone that you are not supposed to kill (basically, someone who is not your target, hunter or an undercover, cops cannot be killed until there is only one Framed remaining) the cops would see your current location and they would be able to kill you, even if you do not pull your weapon out.
The game GUI. On the top is the round information, on the bottom right is your face, and on the bottom are your tools and the red handed bar. While the red handed bar is there, the police can shoot you. It completely drains after a few seconds.
One of the biggest issues of the game is its hit registration. It is actually really bad, and in my opinion it should be updated.

Overall, Framed is a good game with an interesting concept. There is much more to say about it, but I suggest that you find out about it yourself.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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