Flee the Facility: flawed yet good
A game of ragequitting, shaking from fear and being angry at constant glitches.
Flee the Facility is a multiplayer horror game about escaping a facility by repeatedly banging on the keyboard of five different computers, whilst trying to escape a hammer-wielding enemy. This is, in my opinion, the absolute best horror game on Roblox. It does not have jumpscares that pop up once you get killed, it does not have dark forests, it does not have tall faceless men with multiple tentacles. However, it is perfect at building up tension. The hammer-wielding monster (the game refers to it as "The Beast") emits a sinister red light, and whenever you are close to it, you hear a loud heartbeat, followed by intense music if you are even closer. The Beast is supposed to prevent you from escaping, first hitting you with its hammer, and then dragging you along to a freeze pod. While in the freeze pod, your health slowly depletes. However, you can be saved by your friends: that is, if they are brave enough.
The Beast is basically the player's avatar, except that it has a huge gem on its chest and a hammer.
As I said, it is perfect at executing tension. Being chased by The Beast puts you at the edge of your seat, quickly mashing keys to try and get away from it. However, building up tension is probably the only thing that this game is very good at. It is actually full of flaws, bugs, and game design issues. Being The Beast is frustrating as you enter an endless cycle where you knock someone out, put them in the freeze pod, find someone else to mash with the hammer and then the other person is unfrozen.
Quick Time Event.
The game is obviously unfinished, and new content rarely ever arrives. However, despite all of its flaws, Flee the Facility is still fun to play. As always, I suggest that you try it out, however be aware of the many bugs, glitches and other unhealthy things that may occur during your gameplay.

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