Exploring Minecraft's charm
How such a simple game become so popular?
Minecraft is the most popular game in the entire video game history, so I doubt that I need to tell you what it is about. But, why did it become so popular? And how did it gain so much popularity in only ten years?

First off, Minecraft heavily relies on random generation. Each world is different (unless you are unlucky enough to get the same seed twice, which is VERY unlikely), making nearly every single Minecraft world a different experience. And, as all of you know, a game is much more re-playable when it is different every single time. The excitement of loading up a new Minecraft world, ready to explore is an experience that all of us know very well.

Secondly, Minecraft has a lot of new content introduced into it with each major update. The aquatic update (1.13) completely changed Minecraft's oceans and added a whole lot of new items, blocks, mobs and generated structures. The recent Village and Pillage (1.14) update also added a lot of new stuff, although not as much as the Aquatic Update did.

Minecraft's survival mode is exciting. When you first come into the game, you are confused. The visual style of Minecraft is ugly but pleasant at the same time. The game is very simple, yet so complex. You have to constantly look up guides for the game, and explore! Exploration is probably the biggest part of Minecraft. There is a lot of beautiful biomes, ranging from the flat plains to the tall mountains. There is a lot of things for you to discover in Minecraft, which is why I suggest that you learn how to play it by yourself instead of following someone else's advice.
The EXTREMELY large amount of mods also contributes to Minecraft's charm. There is a mod for nearly anything, from world generation to new mobs. If you are tired of the vanilla Minecraft, then I highly suggest that you try to find the mod that fits you the best. There are thousands of them, and there is a lot to find.

And the most important thing: Minecraft allows you to build anything you want. Although it is not as advanced as, for example, Roblox, building in Minecraft is still very fun and allows you to show your creative side. The best thing is that nearly all of Minecraft's blocks can be found in-game. You can build nearly anything in Survival mode as soon as you spend enough time to obtain all of the resources needed to build it. This is why I love Minecraft.

Overall, Minecraft is probably one of the best games that I know of. It highly encourages creativity and exploration, and it does a lot of things to make its players have a lot of fun. In my opinion, each game developer should learn from it: you should not aim for things such as amazing graphics or a creative story. You just need to make your players have a lot of fun.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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