Debunking conspiracy theories
Take your foil hat off and calm down, you will not need it.
There are many conspiracy theories. Some theories seem very real, while others do not succeed at anything other than making you laugh. Today I will be trying to debunk some of them.

Probably the most popular conspiracy theory is that Area 51 houses aliens. Now, why do none of us have any confirmed proof of UFOs? How did we not notice them coming up to Earth? Sure, you can pull the "proof is being deleted by [insert organization]" excuse, but you have to keep in mind that Area 51 was created as a flight test facility. If it is constantly kept under surveillance and is removed under all maps, it does not mean that it contains aliens.

Now, the JFK assassination. There are a lot of theories about this one, but I will cover only one: the magic bullet. An experienced shooter can fire a Carcano M91 (which is the rifle that was used to assassinate JFK) multiple times in several seconds. There is nothing about reality-bending ammunition or a group of shooters.
President John F. Kennedy, 1962.
A "secret group controlling the world". There are mostly stories about the Illuminati. Well, the Illuminati was infiltrated and suppressed in the 18th century. A group acquiring so much power in the span of only 1-2 centuries is blatantly impossible and makes no sense. And the reptilians! Can you explain why no confirmed reptilian was found to this day? How can something be SO GOOD at disguising itself?

The moon landing was faked. Well, there is quite a lot of proof that the moon landing was REAL. Please search for it instead of believing something that is blatantly false.
Flat Earth. Probably one of the funniest theories out there. Why would every single government in the world lie about Earth's shape? Why would Earth be flat while every other planet is not?

The cure for cancer exists but is being withheld. Why would it be withheld in the first place? Selling the cure would actually give more money.

Chemtrails. Those trails that planes leave are apparently chemicals which are used by the government for population control. Does Donald Trump breathe? Does the Queen breathe? Why is there no proof of those chemical-spraying devices being installed on airplanes?

And the last one for today: the Holocaust did not happen. If you think it did not happen I suggest searching "holocaust" on Google, and then reading/watching more content about it, instead of believing someone who told you that it was made up by Jewish people to advance their interests.

The sad thing is that convincing a conspiracy theorist is very difficult. It is hard to change a person's mind, especially if you just use words. But I really hope that people would stop believing those conspiracy theories after reading this.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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