Are the Roblox restaurants bad?
And is there any reasn to hate them?
This is going to be the end of the greenlegocats trilogy. Today we will be reviewing three Roblox restaurants: Dunkin' Donuts, SizzleBurger, and Soro's (I would've reviewed Frappe, but at the time of writing this the game is removed because it is being remastered). I will be reviewing the service and the community, and I will conclude if those games are as bad as people put them to be.

Upon joining Dunkin' Donuts you spawn on an island with a huge cruise ship right next to it. Back in the days there was only the restaurant, but now the game also doubles as a hotel. Not only that, but there is also apparently some huge easter egg in the game. I consider this to be very unnecessary and overkill, I preferred the old restaurant.
What surprised me is that there were only like, five people playing, and no trolls in the server AT ALL.

Anyway, back to the game itself. There is a HUGE menu and a lot to choose from. The staff were friendly, but as I had no one to play the game with it turned out to be a boring experience.

Sizzleburger is also (for some reason) located on a remote island with literally nothing other than a few small, empty islands around it. Except it isn't a cruise ship, but instead is a GIGANTIC fast food restaurant. This server had nearly 40 people, so now I could review it properly. In my opinion, SizzleBurger looked more aesthetically pleasing than Dunkin' Donuts. However, it has way more monetization. You instantly are offered an extremely overpriced 5000 Robux gamepass that instantly promotes you to Senior Staff.
The staff are friendly, although not so professional. I ordered something from a guy, then he just stood still for like a minute and abruptly left the game.

One thing that surprised me about this game is that cashiers and chefs are different roles. Usually in games like this the cashier cooks the food, but this is not the case in this game. I applied and I am currently waiting to be accepted, and I may do an update on the experience in another post.
One issue with SizzleBurger is that it is very easy to pass, so bad staff like this guy aren't a rarity.
So finally we land into Soro's. This is similar to Dunkin' Donuts in nearly every aspect, except here most of the foods are Italian. There is also no uniform, and most foods have no eating animation. There is literally nothing else to say about it, other than that I consider this to be the worst out of all three.

My conclusion is that there is basically no reason to troll people who play these games. Those three restaurants are nothing but simple social hangouts, and in my opinion, there is no major issue in them. If you are trolling in these restaurants, I want you to rethink your decisions.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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