A guide to all of Jailbreak's robberies
First post of 2020!
Jailbreak is one of the most popular Roblox games. It has over 3 billion visits… You know, why should I even introduce you to Jailbreak?! You already know what it is! If you have read the title, which you very likely did, you will know that I am going to do an ultimate guide to all of the robberies and heists in Jailbreak, how to do them, and some basic tips. Without further ado, let's get right into it!

(Note: every robbery (excluding the trains and the plane) has to be open before you can rob it. The things that you have to do to check if they are open differ. For example, the bank and jewelry store have signs that tell you if it's closed or not. But if you want to check if the museum is open, you need to try to plant the dynamite.)
The bank was the first ever Jailbreak robbery, and is located in the southern part of the city. It is pretty simple compared to some other robberies, although it requires a little more preparation. To enter the bank, you need a keycard. Go inside and evade the lasers. I highly suggest that you put dynamite on the door which emits the green light: it will be very easy to find, since it is in every level and always stands out. When the door opens, you will be able to use it as an escape.
An example of one of those doors.
Detonate the vault by touching it. This will cause you to place explosives. After some time, the vault will blow up, allowing you to enter. Upon entering the vault, you will begin collecting money. You can stop this at any time that you want, just in-case you want to leave early, or something like that. Exit the bank, and good job, you now have your money!

Be aware that cops may enter the bank. If a cop runs straight into the vault without dying, everyone in the vicinity of the bank will be arrested. As such, you should shoot cops as quickly as you can.
This was the second robbery to be added to the game. The jewelry store is located in the northern part of the city. Enter it by laying down on one of the X's. One of the X's is shown below.
Upon entering, punch the glass cases by pressing F. Breaking a glass case gives you $500, do so until you get enough money. Then go upstairs and navigate your way through the floors above, try not to die and be as careful as possible. Then exit by jumping off the roof, don't forget to activate your parachute by pressing the space button. Then make your way to one of the criminal bases (the city criminal base is preferable for obvious reasons). This will give you the money.
Both of those robberies are very similar. The donut shop is located in the southern part of the map, specifically in the town near the prison. It is located between the 1 million shop and the glider shop. Keep in mind that you will get a donut upon entering, which is COMPLETELY useless, and just takes up inventory space that could be used for an actual useful item. Run up to the cash register, and just hold the E button. This will give you $750.
The gas station is literally exactly the same. It is located in the eastern part of the map, right next to the train station. The only difference is that it doesn't give you a useless, dumb donut.
This robbery is also pretty simple. The train arrives at the tunnel, which is located on the western part of the map, then it travels around the mountain, near the city, and then its journey ends on the train station, which is located in the eastern part of the map. Make your way onto the train by either climbing onto it, or jumping onto it from a high place. The latter is preferable, as it is easier to do.

You can only rob the red train carts. Enter the train cart by opening the hatch on the top and going in. Then breach the vault. Once you get enough money, you can open the door which is inside of the cart. Upon jumping out, you will get your money. However, if you are still inside of the train when it goes into the tunnel, you will not earn anything, and you will be teleported to the train station.
The museum robbery is perhaps the most complex in the game. It is located on a mountain that is right next to the city. Enter it by going onto the roof and planting the dynamite. Note that you need two people to plant the dynamite. Then, enter the museum and collect the treasures inside. Make sure not to trigger the alarm, by not touching the spotlights… or whatever those white circles are supposed to be. If you do, the white circle things will turn red, begin travelling at fast speeds, and damage you. The police will also be alerted.

Solve the puzzles which are located in two different rooms, both of which are on the first floor. This will open the door to a room with a switch. Pull the switch and have another person pull it in the other room, or have someone in a helicopter rescue you by lowering a rope through the hole in the roof. Then make your way to the volcano base, and sell the treasures to one of the two collectors inside. Note that you will be paid a bonus if you help other criminals escape during the robbery.
I highly suggest that you grab an aerial vehicle for this robbery. The reasons will be explained later.

The power plant is located in the northern part of the map, to the west of the airport. During the robbery, you will have to go to the back of the power plant and climb up the ladder, next to the power box. Solve the puzzle by connecting the wires together. Since the puzzle is randomly generated, it's not uncommon for it to be completely unsolvable: just cancel and do it again if that is the case. Go inside, complete the obby, do the same puzzle that is inside.
The wire puzzle.
After you finish the puzzle, you will obtain uranium. Quickly run outside and get into your vehicle, then make your way to the volcanic base, and sell the uranium to the collector. The uranium's value will deplete over time, so you need to be quick. An aerial vehicle is preferred as it allows you to do a quick escape. With a basic helicopter, you can earn up to $5,500 if you are prepared and fast enough.

Although you could probably get radiation poisoning and cancer for literally carrying uranium on your back, luckily this game does not address that.
The passenger train comes out of the tunnel in the eastern part of the map, and makes its way to the western tunnel. This means that its route is completely opposite to the route that the cargo train takes. Climbing onto it is nearly impossible as it is in motion all of the time, and there is barely anything to climb on.

Enter by breaking the glass on the top of the train cart. Then collect all of the items that you can see (things such as documents, phones and briefcases), then escape. This robbery is fairly quick, and only takes about 20 seconds. Make your way to the collector in the volcano base, and sell the items.
The cargo plane is a pretty exciting robbery. It begins at the airport, which is located in the northeastern corner of the map, north of the gas station. First, a cop has to call the cargo plane in. I have no idea why police do that, but I guess it's to make criminals come there and rob it, so that their bounties become bigger.
When the cargo plane arrives, enter it and wait. Make sure that you have a keycard, the reasons will be described later. After some short time it will fly up into the air. You will be able to inspect crates, from which you can either get nothing, money, or possibly a keycard, but I have never found one yet. Once you have gotten a crate with money, open the door by pulling the lever. You need a keycard to do so, however. If you don't get out in time, the plane will leave with you, which will essentially trap you mid-air, outside of the map.

Make your way to the city criminal base and deliver your crate to the crate pile shown below. This will give you a pretty high amount of money. From my experience, it gives you around $4000 to $6500.
So basically, this is it for all of the robberies available in Jailbreak. Hope that this advice will prove to be helpful to you. I wish you guys a happy new year!
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